The review of forrest gump movie

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The review of forrest gump movie

By Jeremy Conrad Forest Gump is an interesting movie as it is one of those films that found box office success across almost all age groups and was also a big winner at the Academy Awards. A lot of people are split on how they feel about Forrest Gump. Some love and cherish the film, while others just don't get it.

While then there are those who completely hate the movie because it beat out Pulp Fiction at the Oscars. I for one feel that it is one of the top five films from the 90's, and it's great to finally have it on DVD. The Movie If you haven't seen Gump yet, here are the basics. The movie tells the story of a rather simply man from the south who travels through the decades viewing the last half of the 20th century through his own unique POV of the world.

The thing the works so well in the movie is the narration. Tom Hanks plays Gump perfectly and through his descriptions of the events that he witnesses, we do get to see the world through his eyes. If it wasn't for the narration I don't think the movie will have been as effective.

His story begins in the south where he is dubbed a little too slow for normal school. In his young age his amazing story starts early with a quick meeting with a young singer who turns out to be Elvis. Gump meets Jenny at this time, and she will pretty much become one of the centerpieces of his world.

As Forrest grows, the nation does as well and he goes on to witness some of the major historical events in the mid 20th century. From spotting a break in at the Watergate Hotel, getting on the All American team and meeting Kennedy, to serving a tour in Nam, Gump in a way represents the innocence that the US lost in those times of upheaval and change.

Forrest Gump discovers boobies. The movie is pretty much Zemeckis' best film and it was also one that broke some new ground in terms of effects. What now is just a gimmick that is used on Academy Awards broadcasts and beer commercials the effect of placing Tom Hanks in old newsreel and TV shows was pretty impressive back in despite the world being wowed by Jurassic Park just a year earlier.

Another great thing about the movie is the pacing. It's almost like a good book where you can just sit down, relax, and not have to worry about anything as a great story unravels in front of you.

There really isn't any long stretches where you get bored as you're always kind of interested as to what will pop up next in Gump's incredible journey through American culture.

Gump is feeling the effects for chugging a little too much Mt. Love it or hate it, Forrest Gump is one of the best movies in the last ten years and even after not watching it for a long time, it still holds up. I actually forgot how much I liked this movie until I sat down with this disc, and I'm glad to have this in my collection.

Nam through the eyes of Forrest Gump. For those of you interested in making sure that your DVD collection is filled with the "Great Ones" this is another disc to place right alongside that copy of the Godfather Collection.

The transfer itself is pretty good."Gump & Co." is another thoroughly entertaining book. There is one note though, this book is not a continuation of the book "Forrest Gump", it was written after the movie's success and it actually continues the storyline from the movie, not the original novel.

Forrest Gump: Other Editions

If you liked the movie read "Gump and Co." after watching the movie/5(). Review: Forrest Gump is an oddly controversial film, some calling it a brilliant masterpiece and many others absolutely hating it, with few in the middle.

The review of forrest gump movie

I was part of the few upon my first viewing years ago but this subsequent one, for whatever reason, something clicked. By John Corrado Released in , Forrest Gump is one of those classic movies that has garnered a lot of adoration since it first came out, but has also attracted a very sizeable backlash over the years.

I have personally always had a soft spot for the film, and now Paramount has given it a. Forrest Gump played by the Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, is a man with a below average IQ of 75 residing in Alabama and his struggle for survival where everyone believes in the saying ‘survival.

Nov 24,  · From the movie - the place is fun to eat but they also have lots of souveniers to take back for those who remember Forrest Gump the movie. Ask Judy K about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Thank Judy K. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor reviews.

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