Have you had any experience with this knowledge based tension between staff and it

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Have you had any experience with this knowledge based tension between staff and it

Religious experience Mystics can describe their visions as "spiritual experiences". However, psychology and neuropsychology [7] may explain the same experiences in terms of altered states of consciousnesswhich may come about accidentally through for example very high fever, infections such as meningitis, sleep deprivation, fasting, oxygen deprivation, nitrogen narcosis deep divingpsychosis, temporal-lobe epilepsyor a traumatic accident.

Have you had any experience with this knowledge based tension between staff and it

People can likewise achieve such experiences more deliberately through recognized mystical practices such as sensory deprivation or mind-control techniques, hypnosismeditationprayeror mystical disciplines such as mantra meditationyogaSufismdream yogaor surat shabda yoga.

Some practices encourage spiritual experiences through the ingestion of psychoactive drugs such as alcohol and opiates, but more commonly with entheogenic plants and substances such as cannabissalvia divinorumpsilocybin mushrooms, peyoteDXMayahuascaor datura.

Another way to induce spiritual experience through an altered state of consciousness involves psychoacousticsbinaural beatsor light-and-sound stimulation.

Socialization Growing up and living within a society can foster the development and observation of social experience.

Experience plays an important role in experiential groups. Virtual reality and Simulation game Using computer simulations can enable a person or groups of persons to have virtual experiences in virtual reality.

Immediacy of experience[ edit ] Someone able to recount an event they witnessed or took part in has " first hand experience". First hand experience of the "you had to be there" variety can seem especially valuable and privileged, but it often remains potentially subject to errors in sense - perception and in personal interpretation.

Second-hand experience can offer richer resources: Third-hand experience, based on indirect and possibly unreliable rumour or hearsaycan even given reliable accounts potentially stray perilously close to blind honouring of authority. Changes through history[ edit ] Some post-modernists suggest that the nature of human experiencing quite apart from the details of the experienced surrounds has undergone qualitative change during transition from the pre-modern through the modern to the post-modern.

Such experience would never have existed at all, if at the proper time, those institutions had been established in accordance with ideas. Writing[ edit ] American author Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an essay entitled " Experience " published inin which he asks readers to disregard emotions that could alienate them from the divine; it provides a somewhat pessimistic representation of the transcendentalism associated with Emerson.Nurse staffing levels, the knowledge and skill level of nursing staff, and the extent to which workers collaborate in sharing their knowledge and skills all affect patient outcomes and safety.

Regulatory, internal HCO, and marketplace (consumer-driven) approaches are traditionally advocated as methods to achieve appropriate staffing levels. What’s more important: Qualifications or experience? An academic and recruitment expert debate the age old question.

Solution-Have you had any experience with knowledge-based

Whose side are you on? Employers should select staff based on politeness, punctuality and willingness to learn. I have stopped interviews and walked out because the person interviewing me had a lesser knowledge .


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Will you tell me about yourself? 2. Why would you leave your current position? Discuss the highlights of your most recent educational experience. Did you accomplish any special achievements? What were your most difficult challenges?

Thinking of the most difficult person you have had . We had hundreds of children sign up for the program, and I had reached so many people that we were able fully staff the camp, as well as have a backup supply of people who were willing to volunteer their time and services to the organization.

How do you describe your experience providing administrative support for multiple divisions? Record keeping, notes and productivity software can help with keeping track of multiple offices or. What is providing supervision for staff and volunteers?

and suggest alternatives based on experience. (You wouldn’t, for instance, want a hospital administrator with a degree in business supervising the clinical practice of doctors. How to minimize tension between paid staff and volunteers; The difference between formative (helping.

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