Australias economic polices post financial crash

Obviously not every professional recruiter, or Australian employer, will fall within the parameters of the content of my article.

Australias economic polices post financial crash

So get up on your soap box! The standard commenting rules of courtesy apply, and at the very least your chat should relate to the general content of this blog. The sort of things that belong on this thread include general enquiries, soapbox philosophy, meandering trains of argument that move dynamically from one point of contention to another, and so on — as long as the comments adhere to the broad BNC themes of sustainable energy, climate change mitigation and policy, energy security, climate impacts, etc.

The first, by Duncan Clark, is titled New generation of nuclear reactors could consume radioactive waste as fuel: The alternative option, a new MOX plant, is far less desirable.

Australias economic polices post financial crash

Tom Blees wrote a detailed explanation of this plan on BNC here: Disposal of UK plutonium stocks with a climate change focus To accompany this piece there is an excellent new essay by George Monbiot: Opponents of nuclear power who shout down suggestions of how to use spent waste as fuel will not make the problem disappear.

In this case, he poses a simple question for the critics: So which of these options do you support? None of the above is not an answer.

Something has to be done with the waste, and unless you have invented a novel solution, one of these three options will need to be deployed. But it is a choice that opponents of nuclear power are refusing to make — and that is not good enough.


The essay provides more details, and some examples of people who wish to shut their mind to reality. Which option would you choose?Feb 27,  · It is the post Ron Walker held for years, the position held by Malcolm Turnbull a decade ago. The party’s relationship with the business community — and donors — depends on it.

More to the point, Higginson has been a friend of Abbott for decades.

Australias economic polices post financial crash

Australia managed to survive the global financial crisis with the help of a huge stimulus program from China. Chinese demand for Australian minerals prevented our economy .


Insurance companies are instructed to offer polices with specific features, and insurance prices are highly regulated. Both buyer and insurer face government penalties for failure to comply with the governments edicts regarding the purchase and sale of insurance.

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Even the stock market crash and subsequent depression can be quite convincingly be linked to extreme concentrations of wealth and lack of a decent-sized middle class to act as a market for products and services provided by capitalists. focus of the national micro-economic reform agenda for nearly three decades.

Bus services in Melbourne receive considerable financial support from government to ensure their viability. Fare revenues collected through the public shows heavy vehicle involved fatal crash rates per billion vehicle kilometres travelled by state, the best.

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